Iran Unveils New Bullet Proof Vests
The “Dragon Skin” vest is a revolutionary leap in protection for Iranian soldiers.
OE Watch Commentary: With Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei reaffirming the notion not only that export of revolution is a central pillar of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s ideology, but also that it should be undertaken militarily, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has increased in stature as a tool of Iranian foreign policy. While conscripts into the regular Iranian Army often complain of their conditions, Revolutionary Guardsmen enjoy a privileged position and first choice in equipment.
Iranian authorities often brag about advancement in education and technology in the 35 years since the Islamic Revolution. Iranian engineers and research scientists—many educated abroad, including at American colleges and universities—have become a formidable presence. The state, however, directs much of its research toward military or nuclear applications. While Iran’s nuclear scientists might receive the international limelight, both because of their mission and, in recent years, the assassination campaigns waged against them, the topics of Iranian military research are far broader.
If Iranian claims of developing a new, more effective bulletproof vest are accurate, then Revolutionary Guardsmen may soon upgrade their kit further. Iranian defense officials brag that the new bulletproof vests, inspired by fish scales, can protect against small-caliber bullets and shotgun pellets, as well as shrapnel from grenades. While Iranian officials might exaggerate the technological leap the new body armor reflects, such body armor certainly gives Iranian soldiers or their proxies in Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria a qualitative edge against irregular opponents, who often lack basic defenses. End OE Watch Commentary (Rubin)

Source: “Sakht-e Moderntarin Jaligheh Zadgaluleh Danya Dar Iran” (“Making the World’s Most Modern Bulletproof Vests”),, 23 February 2014.
Iran Making the World’s Most Modern Bulletproof Vests
For as long as there have been attacks and defense, protective coats have been proposed and employed, whether it was animal skins and leather as protection for human beings, or later metal, armor, and shields, they were trying to protect the body from harm.
The first types were simple pieces of armor and heavy metal which were responsible for protecting medieval soldiers. The armor was very heavy and exhausting …
A variety of armor and many other initiatives were inspired by animals to make them more functional, one of which was the inspiration of fish scales. Historians date the first scales of armor to the ancient Chinese and Indians. The scaled armor had different pieces of metal that overlapped to make the whole armor…
In the last few years, there has been a revolution in bulletproof vests inspired by the old scaled armor. The new “dragon skin” bulletproof vest reflects this.
The dragon skin vest is based on rings made of silicon and ceramics, which form circular scales. These vests spread the energy from the collision and stop the bullet… The vest is a revolutionary leap in protection, and survival rates have increased for Iranian soldiers and protect them against many dangers in the battleground… Due to the technology used in the new bulletproof vest compared with the usual vests, the body’s vital organs are protected against the bullets fired from close range and different angles.