Iranian Soft Power is Superior in the Region
The Islamic Republic of Iran seeks…global scientific superiority in 2061.
OE Watch Commentary: The Islamic Republic of Iran prides itself as being a model for Islamic governance, not only for Shi‘ites, but theoretically for Sunnis as well. Export of revolution is a principle enshrined both in the Iranian constitution and the founding statutes of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). At the same time, Iran prides itself on being not only a military power, but a cultural and scientific one as well.
It is in this context that that the excerpted article, from the IRGC’s media arm, is interesting: it suggests that Iran places responsibility for scientific development not in civilian enterprises, but rather within the ranks of the IRGC. Certainly, Iran is not alone in treating the military as an incubator for scientific research and technology. However, while military-led research finds its way into civilian enterprises in the United States and elsewhere, the IRGC maintains its own civilian enterprises through its Khatam al-Anbia network, which, by some estimates, controls up to 40 percent of the Iranian economy.
The IRGC’s emphasis on scientific research and development has other implications, as the Iranian government often justifies its nuclear program in terms of scientific research. Major General Mustafa Izadi’s comments suggest that any nuclear research likely occurs under the supervision, if not direct control of the IRGC. End OE Watch Commentary (Rubin)
Maj. Gen. Mostafa Izadi
Source: “Qadrat-e Narm-e Iran dar Montaqeh Bartar ast,” (“Iranian Soft Power is Superior in the Region”),, 11 June 2014.
Iranian Soft Power is Superior in the Region
The Deputy Chief for Strategy of the Armed Forces [IRGC Maj. Gen. Mustafa Izadi], said, today the Islamic Republic of Iran has the capacity for the application of soft capabilities to address what has occurred in the region… Addressing the first Conference on the Introduction of Defense, Security, and Military Strategic Science and Technology Arena, emphasized the importance of information and communications technology…and said, “If we want to have a living armed forces it must be full of knowledge-based –technology and for it to be ready in various arenas with attention to the sophistication of the opposing scenes….” He added, “The Islamic Republic of Iran seeks scientific alignment in 2025 and global scientific superiority in 2061.