Rouhani: Iran “Will Never Negotiate” on Defense, Missiles
Iran will never negotiate over its defense capabilities, including missiles for defense purposes.
OE Watch Commentary: While diplomats hope that negotiations can resolve concerns over the numbers and types of Iranian centrifuges, as well as with regard to inspections regimens and access to nuclear sites co-located on military bases, Western concern over any potential military applications to Iran’s nuclear program has increasingly focused on Iran’s burgeoning work with ballistic missiles that can, in theory, deliver nuclear warheads. In recent months a broad array of Iranian officials, ranging from Islamic Revolution Guard Corps officers to diplomats, has moved to shut down any diplomatic discussion or negotiation over Iran’s burgeoning ballistic missile program. That Iranian President Hassan Rouhani now, according to the article excerpted here, adds his name to the list of Iranian officials refusing any negotiation over Iran’s missile program reflects both the likely interest among the West to add ballistic missiles to the negotiating agenda and the importance that increased missile capabilities has in Iran’s military doctrine. The Iranian government will also negotiate hard, linking any further nuclear concessions to a strict hands-off approach to Iran’s other military programs. The controversy also reflects the military tension which will affect both Iran and regional countries even if a nuclear accord is reached. Even if the Islamic Republic of Iran were to pause, let alone dismantle its nuclear program, its emphasis on missile development suggests the Iranian military will continue to pose a growing conventional threat throughout the Middle East and South Asia. End OE Watch Commentary (Rubin)
Source: “Beh Hich Vujeh dar Khasus Tavan Defa’i va Mushaki Khud Mozakereh Nakhahim Kard,” (“Under No Circumstances Will We Negotiate with regard to Defense and Missiles,”) Fars, 31 August 2014.
Rouhani: We Will Never Negotiate with regard to Defense and Missiles
According to a report by the Fars News Agency based on the information from the website of the republic’s presidency, Hojjat ul-Islam Hassan Rouhani, on Sunday in a meeting with the Foreign Minister of Finland, stated that the Iranian government has sought to negotiate seriously with the 5+1 countries, and said “Today, we are also ready to continue negotiations to reach a final status accord and if the goal of the 5+1 countries in these talks is pressure against Iran to prevent the development of science and technology, then this will not open the way for an agreement.” The chairman of the Supreme National Security Council, referring to the success achieved in the negotiations leading to the signing of the Geneva interim agreement, and the renewal of the interim agreement, said, “Our red line is the creation of obstacles for scientific research and development of the nuclear field, and Iran will never negotiate over its defense capabilities, including missiles for defense purposes.”