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Dr. Timothy L. Sanz
Foreign Military Studies Office, Fort Leavenworth,KS.

VOL. 4, NO. 4, WINTER 1995, PP. 676-696.


Western Political Analyses

Military Aspects

Balkan Countries

Baltic Countries

Central European Countries

Russian Federation and Other C.I.S. Countries

Since the announcement of NATO's Partnership for Peace Program in January 1994 a significant amount of literature has been published concerning the political issues involved, ramifications of implementing the Program and misgivings or outright opposition to it. So that defense officials and analysts can study not only Western reactions to the Program but also the various signatory countries' views as well, this bibliography brings together citations to the most significant literature from both the Western and East European presses.

The citations are arranged with an initial section containing a multitude of diverse political issues from Western analysts and journalists. Following this, a section addresses strictly military issues involved with carrying out the Program. Sections then follow with either Western analyses of a particular signatory country's reactions to the Program or views emanating directly from the country's own press. The following broad geographical headings are used: Balkan Countries; Baltic States; Central European Countries; and Russian Federation and Other C.I.S. Countries. The citations under each section are listed in reverse chronological order, so that the latest literature will be highlighted.


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